Green Travel

With increasing pressures for business and individuals to help save the environment for future generations coach and minibus hire can be a way of contributing. Companies who feel pressured to comply with CSR and lower carbon emissions should consider group transportation and journey management. Individuals who wish to visit the same destination can cut carbon emissions by travelling in a group. This will not only reduce the number of cars on the road you won’t have to look for a space to park either.

Coaches emit 0.3kg of CO2 per per personper km, half that of rail and radically smaller than that emitted by cars (0.11) and air travel (0.18).

Statistic from DEFRA and NAB 2006

Bliss Travels fleet may be just what you need. All vehicles are London low emission zone compliant and are maintained to the highest standard. When vehicles are serviced all filters, engine oils and related substances are disposed of by a waste management company and tracked until the end of their journey of disposal.

Our customer service representatives will help get you where you want to be using the shortest journey viable cutting unnecessary journey time and wasted emissions.

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